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We need two essential sets of SEO data that will help us come up with the SEO campaign ideas and add them into the matrix. Welcome to keyword and backlink research. If youve already done this, feel free to skip to the second step.
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Skip to content. Case Study: Backlinks in 5 Minutes. Just from the one backlink campaign, we started ranking for 7 keywords that we were not optimized for at all. Maria Di Lorenzo is the content marketing manager at HostPapa, a small business web hosting company. Since using Postaga, Maria has found quick and easy ways to earn a ton of high quality links, increasing her companys search rankings. Her wins have included.: Getting 8 DA 50 links with 5 minutes of campaign setup work. Invitations to guest post on other blogs. Finding new partners to become affiliates for her company. In a competitive industry, building links is necessary to help outrank competitors in search and get found by potential customers. When she came on board the company earlier this year, part of her job was to develop an automated process for SEO and link building.
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JetOctopus is a visual technical SEO toolkit designed to make technical SEO for large websites easy and data-driven. Its a valuable piece of software to monitor and improve the SEO health crawling, indexation, logs analysis, and everything in between of your enterprise website. It gives you a big picture of your websites SEO problems in easy-to-understand visuals so you can prioritize the best optimization opportunities right away. Create segments, compare crawls, monitor live logs, and draw insights to improve your SEO strategy. JetOctopus is the perfect technical SEO toolkit for big websites with thousands to millions of pages to crawl and index. It consists of three tools: Crawler, Logs Analyzer, and GSC Keywords. The Crawler helps you resolve duplicate content issues, 404 errors, define Hreflangs, etc. The GSC Keywords tool gets full data from your Google Search Console, helps resolve keyword cannibalization issues, and a lot more.
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Completely organic, completely natural, and completely legitimate. Some websites are more desirable and better than others when it comes to earning a link from them, whilst other websites are low-authority, over-optimised and potentially spammy, with an abundant of misused anchor texts and links created and placed on directory and forum sites. These are the three main types of placements, and two main types of backlinks.: Follow link: When a website links to your website with no other rel attribute assigned to the link. No-follow link: When the linking site adds a nofollow rel attriubte to the link, which can be seen in the HTML code by inspecting the link and/or viewing the linking documents source code. In 2019 Google announced that the nofollow attribute was/is evolving, and that they alongside all the other link attributes can now be treated as hints for ranking purposes. In the years preceding this welcomed announcement many digital PR agencies noted the decision by many large publications to apply blanket nofollow attribute rules even when they were essentially endorsing the documents being linked to as credible sources of information as historically a follow link would do, and now a nofollow one can to.
6 Key Elements To A Successful Link-Building Campaign.
This accomplishes two things: Youll obtain a backlink for each review and become closer to achieving the other business objective. Consider And Address Potential Bottlenecks. Like with many activities within organizations, some things can slow down the progress of link building. Some activities may require higher-up approval to implement but are necessary for link building to move forward. Therefore, assess every activity concerning your link-building campaign.
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What You Get With My Link Building Packages. Customized Link Building - The process I use involves a comprehensive backlink audit. I work on understanding the types of links that will work for your niche and customise every link building campaign. Diverse High-Quality Links - The in-depth research that I conduct allows me to offer you with backlinks of high-quality from a wide variety of link metrics. Future Proof Links - I not only focus on the links that will work for your business now but also what will work in the future to make sure you maintain longevity when it comes to your rankings. Hand Built Backlinks - I do not use and link submission software. Every link will be manually placed making use of various link-anchor texts. Monthly Reporting - As I acquire links for your website, I provide a monthly report of all the link building actives and ranking progress for your complete peace of mind and transparency. Are you ready to begin a link building campaign? Start with a strategy today! Talk to me now! Get In Touch. Anurag Pareek SEO Consulting.
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They will work from various companies and not be able to assist you if you reach out for guest post opportunities. Additionally, you can observe how credible and relevant each site is, based off of a DR score Ahrefs version of DA, how many referring domains are connected to pieces that similar to your topic, what the organic traffic is, what the traffic value is, and the social media engagement for each piece. To make it easier to review the data and decide what opportunities you want to work with, export all of the information from your search into a spreadsheet. Find the button on the upper right side of the page that says Export. From this export, youll find detailed information that you can utilize for your own guest post goals. After scanning through your results, you can add the most relevant and authoritative sites to the Link Building Prospect Database sheet. Utilize Google News Search. When searching your keyword in Google, i.e. top digital marketing podcasts, check out Google News. Most likely, youll find a fresh set of content with new publications and editors you can reach out to for guest posting.
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Thus, they know what works best and what does not work at all, and they have learned to familiarize themselves on the go as the business perpetually grows. They know how to do research in order to develop a captivating backlink campaign that is made to suit your goals, brand, and also your SEO objectives. Top SEO Tools For Link Building. Improve the websites Trust Flow, Domain Authority DA DR TF, Authority, and also other key systems of measurement as apprehended from Ahrefs and MOZ, Majestic, SemRush. Get more observable in the highest search results. Improve your organic ranking for the service or product-specific key phrases on the Google search results. Practice a higher rate of click through, which interprets into bigger conversion rates. Earn more quality audience and customers for your business and website. How Important is link building for search engines? The term building links is pretty old-fashioned and nearly unthinkable in the modern context of digital marketing, and thus, marketers have discovered softer terms, like earning links, natural link gaining, attracting links, and link bait to define similar things.
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Manchester 0800 285 1424. Who we are. Join Our Team. Link Building and Outreach. Where to find us. Sutton Quays Business Park. Registered company address.: 2011 - 2022 Aqueous Digital. Terms of use. Company No: 05604273 VAT No: 135 0276 39.
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If you want to drive lots of visitors to your site, backlinks are an essential tool. You can use them to direct people to your content, to promote your shareable resources like ebooks, etc. Backlinks can be a powerful way to get referral traffic. Last, but not least, backlink have the power to improve your companys brand authority and recognition. Quality links from reputable websites can help you attract new customers and boost conversions. In other words, when people read what others say about you or what you have to offer, they will trust your brand more and become interested in what you do for their business. Types of Backlinks. Backlinks, like most things in SEO and life in general, are not one size fits all. High Authority Links. High authority backlinks are what most people think of when they think about buying links. These are the type of links you get from websites like Huffington Post or Business Insider. The advantage of these types of links is that they have a high domain authority, which means that they pass lots of link juice to what youre trying to promote, while the disadvantage is that they are costly and risky.
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UX and Usability. Google Analytics Audit. Google Analytics Migration. Google Tag Manager. GA4 Consulting Services. SEO Link Building Services. Chat with an SEO Expert! Our link building services have increased our clients organic visibility by 48. Our ethical, white hat SEO link building services focus on building links that are high quality, relevant, authoritative, and will increase your overall organic visibility. Its no secret that having a clean backlink profile is essential to your ongoing SEO efforts, but implementing a SEO link building campaign takes stringent research and careful execution. At Marcel Digital, we create and execute link building strategies from the ground up. We start with competitive keyword research, comprehensive content strategies, and an extensive network of contributors to help build organic visibility for your content and your website as a whole. Marcel Digital doesnt take a one-size-fits-all approach to link building. We focus on leveraging relationships with industry publications and thought leaders to build links that drive higher quality, relevant traffic to your website, while simultaneously increasing your contents search engine visibility for key searches long-term.

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